Laravel 5.1

Hello am Sance ainul yaqin
now i will show you what about laravel,
Reponses Blogs

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clarify Click here 

Laravel in Windows

for changer directory :

cd C:/xamp dll
cd/d D:xamp dll

Before it start ,you can download subliment text for your editing file,
you can dowload it Click here
if you want use cmd as query for sql tes you can type

cd/d D:xamp/mysql/bin

Click enter and than type

mysql -u root

in your cmd can show table database if there are any.
you can create in laravel at folder migration
if you want transfer that folder in database you must create database

create database blog

after all ,you can transfer you folder migration in your project to database
and type

php artisan migrate

i think you find is eror coz you dont instal laravel
so instal laravel in your computare

Instal Larvel

First instal composer Click here before that, you must
have already comleted instal xamp what do you choice it,
if you dont have xamp you can find at Download,
and then you must instal laravel open your cmd

composer global require "laravel/installer"

remember it you must instal composer in your computare
and you can create project type

laravel new blog 

blog in here as project which one you created.
if you dont understand please  Click here

after that you must runing all of the project with use cd or change directory
and you can type

php artisan serve

dont close your cmd if you want use it the project your created.

Eror When Created Database 

you see problem like this in the end.
max key length is 767 byte,
the intent you must minimize string coz default in
a computare is 255 char so u can edit file in
the code is below :

   public function boot()

change to become like below

  public function boot()

For more details,you can Click here

Eror When Created Migration

you have eror "No such file or directory"
the solution is type in cmd like this:

composer dump-autoload

and you can create migration again typte

php artisan make:migration create_tasks_table --create=tasks

If you have error as bellow

Expected response code 250 but got code "530", with message "530 5.7.1 Authentication required

You must restart your laravel ,and type "php artisan serve again"

Make A Project

you want to make it you can Click here
pay attention in all of code .
make sure everything is wrong.

Admin Lte In here

You can get a file laravel better than before
and you want to like it please Cllick here
if u would like to see a vidio plase Click here

Source Code Random

For that plizzz Click here

Other Laravel

you can also learn at the following link laravel .
you will find interesting things to studi,
it easy you can Click here if you want to learn other laravel,
gud luck.

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