Make video friends day in facebook

How can I see, edit and share my Friends Day Video?

Your Friends Day video celebrates you and your friends. It includes your profile picture, your friends’ profile pictures and other photos of you and your friends that have been shared on Facebook. Keep in mind that only you can see your Friends Day video unless you share it.

To see your Friends Day video, choose one of these options:
first choice.
1.please Click here
2.and click share video.
3.wait a while, to get notifications from facebook you can also to select the  audience  for your vidio.

and the second way edit your video before you share it.
1.please Click here
2.Click Edit Video and choose the photos you want to appear in your video
3.If you want to upload a photo from your computer, click the photo you want to        replace and then click Add Photos
4.Click Share when you've made all of your changes.
5.Select the audience for your video.
6.Click post.
You'll receive a notification when your edited vidio is ready to be viewed.
"Note: Friends Day videos are only available for Facebook profiles. If you have a Facebook profile and don't see your Friends Day video, this feature may not be available for you or you may not have enough content for a video."

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